Word-of-mouth/Referrals – a valuable currency in today’s era of Social influence

You have heard this before – retaining existing customers is much more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. What is not as widely known is that satisfied existing customers (read word-of-mouth) can be a more productive and cost-effective source of acquiring new ones, complimenting the traditional acquisition programs. The Social Networking era has made it far […]


Making data actionable

As most industries wake up to the Digital age, data deluge becomes a natural consequence. How does one manage it effectively? What are the key elements to make data productive and realize its value? A life insurance CMO I met recently told me that they have done away with physical forms. Every application and document […]


Does your customer believe you or his friend

Consumer companies spend a lot of money in advertisements, promotions, marketing etc. on a basic premise that customer “believe” in what is being told to them by these companies. Does this premise hold equal significance in the interconnected world we now live in which is so influenced by the social circle of a person? Let’s […]


“Analytics-Driven Organization” – The time is now!!

For at least two decades, the emphasis among business intelligence (BI) practitioners, implementers and integrators, consultants, vendors, and others has been on making business more “BI-driven.” Companies have invested a lot of time, effort and money in building datamarts, data warehouses etc. to do away with reporting on siloed systems and creating a single version […]


Cloud computing – why now?

If you recall about 6-7 years ago there was a huge hype of cloud. Everybody was excited by it and not many people knew what it was …same as big data today!! Over the period, some of the corporate applications like CRM and other lightweight applications did move to cloud but nothing more. Cloud was […]


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