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Our Platforms

Integrated sales and marketing platform driven by machine learning.

Predictive analytics platform to retain & grow insurance customer.
Predictive analytics platform for financial services industry.

Our Services

We provide end to end services for business analytics across functions and verticals. We have an experienced team of business consultants, Analytics /domain experts and data scientists who ensure the best business output.

Getting value of big data without too much investment ensures a positive outcome and enables an organization to experiment. Our architecture enables big data analytics without large investments.

Data is the important part of business analytics. Wrong understanding massaging of data can give wrong results. Our proven experience with fortune 500 companies ensures that we bring the industry best practices in managing your data layer.

Building a data layer need not be a long, multi-year project. Leveraging cloud, pre-built models, templates and robust methodology, we provide fast implementation of data and BI layer.

Cloud DW Center of Excellence!

Cloud DW Consulting
& Architecture

Build your DW in

Migrate your DW
to Cloud

Migrate your DW to Cloud to get maximum ROI of your analytics investments

Leverage our Cloud DW and Matillion CoE

Technology Expertise


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