Media & Telecom

The digital transformation is transforming the telecom and media industry and throwing up new business challenges. The boundaries of businesses are falling businesses are taking advantage of news products and solutions. While the telecom companies are getting into content, cable business, the media companies are getting into telephony services.

Kloutix believes these complex changes in dynamic environment need a heighted level of analytics to define successful business strategies. A business that owns all the relationships, touch points with the customer will be able to thrive. Kloutix helps Telecom and media companies to constantly redefine and refine their business strategic in such changing environment.

Kloutix provides comprehensive analytical solutions across Media and Telecom companies. Some of the prominent area of Analytics are as below :

  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation Analytics
  • Customer Retention, Churn Analytics
  • Customer Growth : Cross-Sell, Up-sell Analytics
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Social Media Analytics

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