Engagement Models

Analytics as a Service

We have complete confidence in our abilities to bring positive business outcomes. We believe owning up our work and have come out with a unique performance-based-model that delivers analytics as a service.

The model has following components:

  • Output based fixed fees:
    This part of the fee would be based on the output delivered as defined beforehand. E.g. in a consumer company this can be the fee for scoring customers.
  • Outcome based variable fees :
    This part of the fee is paid only when the desired business results are achieved. This would be decided beforehand based on the expected outcome.

This is an industry first and unique model which completely de-risks the analytics investments by the customer.

Other Models

  • For other needs where it is difficult to quantify the output or outcomes, we engage in time and material basis or fixed price as desired.
  • Irrespective of the chosen engagement model we ensure that highest quality of service is delivered.

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