Data Science Competency

At Kloutix we believe that delivery of real business value hinges upon diverse set of skills that can only be delivered by a well equipped team. While data scientist is very essential, data science requires much more skills. We are building a team which has an excellent mix of following skills :

Business Knowledge

  • Knowledge of key domains and understand the business issues, ability to discuss with business people is key to solving issues. We have domain consultants, mostly MBAs who have strong business background

Statistics and Mathematics

  • Most data mining applications use matrix computations as their fundamental algorithms, so a strong understanding of them is essential.
  • Understanding correlation, multivariate regression and all aspects of massaging data together to look at it from different angles for use in predictive and prescriptive modeling is the backbone knowledge that’s really step one of revealing intelligence

Technical / Programming Skills

  • Excellent technical skills in key languages / tools like R, SAS, databases like Oracle, SQL etc. are critical to ensure the right output is delivered.
  • Data modeling, data cleansing, data loading, database skills are critical to ensure the right data is present for analytics.
  • High-end skills in cloud, open source tools like Hadoop, data security, performance are critical to ensure the end-to-end implementation can be done in a seamless manner.
  • Visualization and presentation skills are very important to show the results to business users in a non-technical fashion which is early understood. The technical competency in the key visualization tools like Tableau, Qilkview etc. are critical

Soft Skills

  • Soft skills like communication skill, ethics, hard work, perseverance are equally important to delivery high customer delight.

Kloutix has built a team that has an amalgamation of all the about skills and traits to ensure highest level of client satisfaction. We firmly believe that happy and motivated employees lead to happy and delighted customer. We ensure we hire the best and deliver outstanding.

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