Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are under pressure from all sides, struggling to achieve sustainable growth during significant market and economic uncertainty. Mobile, value-driven consumers are more demanding than ever,and their tastes and paths to purchase shift more rapidly, making it challenging for consumer goods manufacturers to stay relevant to the shopper. CPG manufacturers also feel increased pressure from retailers that push private label products.

Additionally social media is moving the influencing the consumer at a personal level rather than mass targets. The deluge of Big data is making the decision making process for marketers very complex. Kloutix offers comprehensive solution to put a Analytical strategy for any CPG company. Some of the key areas of these analytics are as below:

  • Brand Marketing Analytics   Digital Analytics
  • Portfolio assessment & space analytics
  • Price & Promotion Analytics
  • Channel Management Analytics
  • Retail Execution Analytics

Retail Analytics / E-commerce

Retail industry is going through unprecedented changes. While the last 5 years e-commerce has gained significantly, the traditional retailers are maturing to have their own e-commerce strategy. On the other hand the consumer has vast amount of choices driven by the information at hand. Only a comprehensive analytical strategy across the functions can ensure that the companies retain competitive advantage.

Kloutix offers services across the spectrum of retails functions.

  • Strategy & Finance   Merchandising
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Store Operations
  • Marketing
  • Customer Experience

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