Big Data without Big Investments

Analytics projects are usually high investment ventures due to expensive technologies such as:

  • Data warehouse or database (e.g., Teradata, Oracle, IBM)
  • Analytical tools (e.g., SAS)
  • ETL tool (e.g., Informatica)
  • Reporting tools (e.g., Business objects, Cognos)

The project team needs to estimate the requirements for next 3-5 years and the entire infrastructure has to be bought in advance. And all this before any real business value has been gained! This High Capex nature of analytics has constrained the adoption of analytics to drive business value.

With big data this problems gets multifold with the ever increasing size of data and lack of clarity on business value derived.

Kloutix offers solutions that fundamentally take away the problem of high capex. We leverage the Cloud and the latest Open source technologies coupled with a global sourcing model, to ensure a “Zero Capex”implementation of big data solutions.

Our model has the following features:

  • Clients need not worry about high capex and can make analytics more pervasive within their organization.
  • There are numerous cases, specifically in Big Data, where it is difficult to justify the ROI or clearly define the business benefits. Our model lets business experiment with various types of analytics approaches without investing too much.
  • Companies are often worried about things they do not know about their business. The best way to address this knowledge gap is to provide data to data scientists and let them discover the hidden insights. Our implementation model, coupled with a high caliber data science team, makes it possible with minimum investment.
  • Many organizations have very limited budgets to develop analytics infrastructure. Our analytics-as-a-service model enables organizations to benefit from the power of analytics with very limited investment.

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