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Kloutix stands for “Cloud Enabled Analytics”.

Never before in the history of consumerism, has the power of decision making shifted so radically into the hands of the consumer. With social media and mobile becoming mainstream, gone are the days when any business could work solely on the traditional models of business management. Today agility and consumer responsiveness has to be high and every aspect of the business has to be constantly improved significantly. This leads to an expansion in the role of analytics across functions, business units, departments etc. making it an organization wide decision making discipline. A large part of intuitive and experiential decision making has to be replaced with scientific methods of outcome prediction.

Kloutix helps organizations to build analytical solutions that not only enable decision making but also does is in the most cost effective manner. Our business results driven approach coupled with latest innovations, ensures that a business person does not have to try hard to prove the ROI and build a scalable solution. We help companies institutionalize analytics by taking all aspects starting with Data layer to analytics and reporting later. We leverage the latest technologies like Cloud, Open Source to ensure the business benefits do not require huge investments.

Kloutix’s pre-built solutions reduce the time to market such analytical programs rather than long projects. Our experienced team of Domain experts, Statisticians, Architects, Modelers etc. ensure that the client gets maximum business value on their investments. Our global sourcing model is just another feather in the cap to ensure availability of high skilled resources.


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